Monday, June 20, 2011

Anak - Heir

Anak- Heir
Short by Martias Ali & Amru Najmi

In a dystopian future, the inhabitants of modern Putrajaya is facing the collision of crisis between human civilization and earth. Mankind are forced to shoulder the environmental burden brought about by their ancestral's greed and ignorance.
Now, each member of society is forced to responsibly care for a "newborn", which is regarded as hopeful heir. It's mandatory that every person must attend to their respective "newborn" around the clock.
A tragedy strike when a lady neglected the responsibility that was entrusted to her. She had forgotten to nurse her "newborn", and consequently caused death. The death report flashed across the globe, and the entire world mourns upon the lady's deceased "newborn".
The memorial service was attended by many people from all walks of life, coming to pay their last respect to the lost heir. During the funeral, everybody harshly condemns the lady for her negligence. The deceased "newborn" was laid to rest under a huge tree, the one and only big tree that existed on earth at present moment.
In the final twist to conclusion, it was then revealed that the "newborn" is actually a seedling, a young tree.
A reflection of true reality that in the coming future, mankind will grieve over the loss of a seedling, which at present time are generally ignored and unappreciated
Loss of trees is a significant factor contributing to global warming.

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