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Here are some general travel tips to help you prepare for your trip.

As a rule, tipping isn't practiced in Malaysia. While tips may be accepted at some upper-tier resorts and hotels, tipping taxi drivers or waiters is not common or expected.

Tap water should not be drunk - bottled water is cheap and readily available almost everywhere.

Be sure to bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen. See our health tips section for more details.

Malaysian electrical outlets utilise the same three flat-pronged plugs as Britain and operate at 240v/50Hz. You'll need to bring a converter to charge/power your electronics.

All prices displayed will be in ringgit (RM). While the term "dollar" is still occasionally used as an English translation of "ringgit" (the ringgit was officially called the dollar before 1975 and may still be casually referred to as such), do not be fooled by any claims that prices are displayed in American or Australian dollars.

Shoes should always be removed before entering homes as a guest.

Vegetarian options are available at most restaurants in Malaysia, although diners should be aware of belacan (or "belachan"), a shrimp paste which is used in many dishes throughout the country

Dishes with "no meat" may still contain animal ingredients in sauces. Restaurants which serve Indian and mamak food may offer the best choices. See
Veggie Malaysia for more tips and vegetarian restaurant listings.

Bootlegged clothing, accessories and electronic media are quite common at markets. While gray market buying and selling is tolerated in Malaysia, do not be duped into thinking that you are purchasing authentic, licensed merchandise.

Social mores are more conservative in Eastern Malaysia. Conspicuous consumption of alcohol and immodest clothing may be frowned upon, especially in more remote and rural areas.

Being an Islamic country, homosexuality is still a taboo subject in Malaysia. Gay travelers are advised to consult Utopia Asia for more information.

Drug trafficking can be punishable by death in Malaysia. Don't even think about it.

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